Friday, July 17, 2009

The 'Louve' Connection

The 'Louve' Connection, short montage by Anjali Nayar from Anjali Nayar on Vimeo.

This film started as a montage editing assignment that I patched together using footage shot previously.

A group of friends who had taken the editing course before my batch had travelled over the city of Ahmedabad and recorded a lot of scenes they found interesting over the period of a day.

The assignment given to us was to build a montage around any theme that caught our fancy, as long as we were able to communicate it.
I wanted to see if I could try and find a happy film hidden in these captured moments. As I watched the hours and hours of footage, I began to notice a way toward a theme that was beginning to seem increasingly exciting to me..

And as I cut certain shots and juxtaposed them with others, I burst into laughter at the effect that was being generated. It was actually working!

I worked for the next 6 or 7 days, and came up with this film! And thoroughly enjoyed the process!

Hope you enjoy it too!!


  1. fook when i saw this today was shocked you actually thought so much to edit this Anjali, as i was like....... just finish it off....nice i like it,saw it again after so long....thanx good you posted this one